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Fix IT Problems and Bagillt Web Design work with any customer to tailor a solution to their needs. The following is a brief look at some of our customers and what we have done for them. In each case we try to explain what it is that we have added to fit each customers unique circumstances.

Julias Garden

Julias Garden is a newly established B & B in Italy . Our brief was to provide a point of contact and reference for their customers while displaying as many facets to their operation as possible. Because Julias Garden is an evolving business, and the owner wants to encorage a dialogue with customers and potential customers, We felt that they needed a web site that displayed their operations development through a blog and that this needed to be exclusive to them. We worked with Julias Garden to select a web host, register a domain, built and uploaded the web site and made customised features such as the mail forwarding page that minimises "spam" mail messages. Total initial cost for the whole website was in the order of £320 (including initial hosting fees) with future costs of approx £65 per year for web hosting and domain fees. The site can be viewed here.

Hope Community Council

Hope Community Council are a small authority in North Wales providing representation and services to over two thousand people. Our brief was to provide a public noticeboard to improve communication between the residents of the locality and the Community Council, while enabling easy updates of the current information on the site by the Council's Clerk. There are other examples of this kind of site that we have made for other authorities with differing levels of functionality, all these being three column sites best viewed on a PC. The Hope Community Council site can be viewed here.

Other examples of similar sites we have made include Cilcain Community Council, Llanasa Community Council, Bagillt Community Council, and Queensferry Community Council.

We have also recently developed a new website template suitable for display on all devices from smartphones, PCs to smart TVs. See the Demonstration site at Town & Community Council (All Devices)

Get an Engineer to your home or business site System upgrades, new installations, expansions, cabling of homes / business networks. Let us discuss your requirements free before you spend money. Call a mobile engineer on 07817 190032 or contact us using the link above.

Computer Courses / I.C.T. Training We can provide training tailored to meet your specific needs; hardware or software, on almost any topic from word processing and using the internet to server installation and maintanance.
We can also provide home tuition for G.C.E., O.C.R. Nationals and G.C.S.E. courses in I.C.T. and Computing. Contact us using the link above to discuss your requirements.

Home Entertainment Let us build or install a media centre for your home entertainment. Do you have old VHS tape or Photographs that you want to convert to DVD format? - we can do all this and more. Let us show you how to convert digital still photography into different formats. Call us on 0871 7890318 or complete the link above to discuss your requirements.

Business Systems Do you need a database or bespoke software for your business? Anything from reporting tools to invoice software, discuss your needs with us and let us see if we can help you. We can build you a network and handle everything from planning to installation, cabled or wireless. Contact us using the link above, or telephone on 0871 7890318 to discuss your requirement and how we might be able to help.

Web Sites - Bagillt Web Design We can build you a web site from a simple few static pages to a fully featured eCommerce site that will handle your orders, manage your stock and customers and handle postage and secure payments. Prices start from only £120. Contact us to discuss your needs. See the Bagillt Web Design Link at the Top of the Page and the Web site Q&A link on the right hand column for further details.

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